Today, on my 33rd birthday, I feel like I should write something and I kind of do know what I want to write (since I've been giving it thought for a few weeks) but I'm not exactly sure where or how to start.

A few weeks ago, as my birthday was getting closer and closer, I googled something along the lines of turning 33 or being 33 years old not really expecting to find much - so I was quite surprised when articles like this and this turned up. 33 is the new 21. 33 is the Jesus Year. Who knew? Did you? As I read through the articles and a few others, each with a grain of salt, I found myself nodding along to many points but also felt a slight...fear creeping in. Yes, yes I do feel like the best time of my life is still to come. And yes, I do feel as if I'm less naieve about how the world works than when I was younger. And yes, there are many things that I've done and accomplished that I'm proud of by this age. But on the other hand,  no - I don't own my own home. And no, I haven't met the man of my dreams. And I think about switching careers all the time. And then there's the dreaded b word. Baby. Babies. Oy. I remember in my 20s hearing that fertility issues began at around age 40 but it seems that articles now quote as early as 30. THIRTY. Seriously? If that's true, then that's certainly added pressure that I don't want to really think about but can't help but to think about. Does that make sense? So what to think about turning 33. 

Well, the average life expectancy in Canada for women is 84 - so I've still got a lot of living to do. Do I hope I meet the man of my dreams and, perhaps, start a family? Sure. Am I going to stress about it? Not yet. I have my health. I have a roof over my head. I'm surrounded by people that love me. I'm in the process of cultivating a life that makes me happy and and fulfilled and I, finally, finally feel like I'm truly coming into my own. Like I'm a legit adult. Do I miss the optimisim of my 20's? Sure. Do I miss the insecurity and uncertainty of my 20's? Not a bit. Do I wish I had taken more adventures in my 20's? Sure. But I'm only 33. It's never too late to start being who you want to be...and now that I have enough life experience under my belt to know who that person is - I'm excited for what the future holds. It's with that in mind that I've decided that my 33rd year is going to be about doing me, taking risks, and having adventures. So welcome 33. I'm excited for you.

And it totally doesn't hurt that over the weekend not one but two people guessed I was 25. 

+photo taken at The Bean during my first visit to Chicago last week


Signs Healthy Living Is Becoming Part Of Your Lifestyle

I'm just about two months into my drop the fat & get fit challenge and it's with extreme caution that I say that I think this whole healthy living fitness stuff is actually becoming a part of my lifestyle. It's funny to say that because while I've tried to get fit and eat better before, it's never really lasted more than a few weeks before I've been back to my old habits. But this time around...it seems to be sticking. Here are 11 signs that healthy (or healthier) living is becoming a part of your lifestyle.

01. You start noticing different brands of water at the grocery store (electrolyte enhanced anyone???)
02. You wake up early to fit in a morning workout...when you're on vacation
03. You become a gear snob (train in running shoes? nooooo, I need training shoes)
04. Looking at alternatives to your regular favourites on menus doesn't feel like a sacrifice
05. You begin to see food not just as something that tastes good but also something that fuels your body
06. "Empty" calories means something - it's not just a trendy fitness-y thing to say
07. You begin to take note of how certain foods make you feel not just how they taste
08. Practising delayed gratification because normal...and easier
09. You start searching out and following others who practice a healthy lifestyle on instagram
10. You begin to enjoy shopping for clothes again
11. You see small changes in your body and you want to keep going



That is what my weekend looked like. Well, parts of my weekend; I spent a lot of time cleaning up the apartment and didn't take too many photos of that. It was like Spring cleaning in August. I also hit the gym on Saturday morning for my gym class; it's become a bit of a Saturday morning routine for me now that I actually really look forward to (although this week's class was tough and had me seriously thinking about leaving half way through...I stuck it out though!). I followed up the gym with a lovely homemade salad that I've actually been thinking about ever since. Me? Thinking about salad? What is going on. On Sunday I attended a food festival (I can update my list) and indulged in a delicious ice cream s'mores half sandwich; it was delicious. And yes, he was there. The amount of people wanting to take photos with him was kinda ridiculous...it was quite the controlled scene.

This week is a short week for me as I'm heading out on a bit of a road trip in a few days. It's been a while since I've been out of the country so although I'm only popping over into the US for a few days (Chicago specifically) I'm really looking forward to it; I've never been and, for the most part, hear really good things about it. Any suggestions or recommendation for me?



That is what a major diet fail looks like.

I was doing so well on my diet. I had brought a cucumber and hummus to work for my afternoon snack. I was just about to go take a break and eat said cucumber and hummus when a colleague walked into the office and put down the most amazing looking red velvet cake on a table just feet away from my desk. Literally feet away from my desk. Of course.

I tried to resist. I really did.

But when does a cucumber and hummus ever beat red velvet cake? Never. It never does.

So I indulged. And it was delicious. And it did a number on my stomach (tmi?) And I got right back to my diet that evening.

Because just because you stumble doesn't mean you have to fall...or beat yourself up over it.

Moderation people.

Have a great weekend!



Chances are if you read my blog you have a slight interest in interior design. Not saying that I'm some prolific design blogger who only blogs beautiful interiors and design projects - actually, far from it. I'm just a regular girl on a regular single person budget attempting to make my apartment, my little rental apartment, something that's pulled together and stylish and comfortable...on a budget. Without looking too budget. Perhaps you're in that same boat? And perhaps that's one of the reasons that you read along...for a bit of inspiration here and there?

I wanted to share a new development with my gallery wall. The gallery wall I shared a peek of in this post. The one that I started 7.5 months ago and still have to add photos to the frames. Yeah, that one. While I love the layout there were a few blank spaces that needed something. Since I didn't want to add more frames, or rearrange the existing frames to minimize those spaces, I decided, from the very beginning, that my gallery wall would be a combination of frames and objects. Earlier in the summer, I picked up a narrow carved African-eque mask at Christie's Antique Show that nicely fills out one of the spaces and since then I've been keeping my eyes peeled for other objects to add to the wall. Then last weekend I moved one of the vintage saddle bags, that I also picked up at Christies, from the wall where it was hanging and added it to the gallery wall and things started to look the way I envisioned. It was coming together. But there was still a blank space that I wanted to fill...and I wanted to fill it immediately instead of hunting for the perfect thing. Who knows how long that could take?

Then this morning when I was looking at a round up of old home tours on Design*Sponge (some really great tours - you should definitely go have a look) I came across this photo from this home tour:

See what looks like wooden butterflies perched atop the frame? And the decorative necklaced draped on that other frame? I was immediately inspired and thought "what about adding something...an object...to a frame as opposed to the wall...what do I have, that has some height, that could sit atop the frame and fill that blank spot..." And I ended up with this:

A little shot glass filled with feathers I've found on walks with Howard (that previously sat on a shelf in the second bedroom). Nothing fancy (and nothing endangered or rare). Just feathers that I thought looked nice as we were walking and stopped to pick up. And I love the way it looks there...as a part of the gallery wall. I don't know that they'll stay there - perhaps I'll find something that I like better. But for now, I'm pretty happy.

Not quite sure why I felt like sharing this. I just thought I'd share how I sometimes find inspiration by looking at photos of interiors. When looking at pics of how others decorate their space I'm not just looking at the layout and colours they use...but I love to really look at the smaller details. The textures that are put together. The materials that are used. How things are displayed. So, I dunno. Maybe if you're putting together a unique gallery wall that's not just photos and artwork this will give you a bit of inspiration too.