It seems that every few months I get the itch to start my own business. Like, really start my own business. Something that'll generate an income. Something that'll be sustainable and long-term. Something that can grow. Something that's not done just for a hobby but legit done as my full-time job. Something that I actually get registered and is like, you know, a full fledged business.

Needless-to-say, I've got that itch again.

I think I've asked this before but I'm very curious so I'll ask again, are you currently doing something you love (whether it's for someone else or for yourself)? If you're not, what would your dream job entail? What would that dream job be? And, why aren't you doing it...what's holding you back?


I'm no Craigslist expert or anything but I have found some amazing pieces on it - my dream sofa practicaly brand new and most recently 4 amazing vintage leather backed chairs I'm using at my dining table. I visit the site frequently, even when I'm not necessarily looking for anything specific, and have developed a bit of a strategy for finding stuff. Good stuff. Stuff you actually want in your home. Most times I actually enjoy the hunt (I know, I'm weird?) But I totally understand that for some people, like my sister, Craigslist is like a thrift shop...you know there's good stuff there but it's all just so overwhelming. Where do you start? There's so. much. stuff. There's so. much. junk. How do you find anything worth while?  I thought I'd share some tips, that I personally use, on how find good stuff on the site. (I'm actually gonna break this post up into two parts - the first, how to find stuff and the second, what to do once you've actually found something you're interested in.)

Do with this info what you will.

01. Be specific. Type in exactly what you're looking for: in my case I was looking for an english roll arm sofa with turned legs so that's what I searched for. Then try breaking it into smaller chunks incase someone didn't bother to type out a full description. Example: english sofa or turned legs sofa.

02. Keep it simple. Exactly the opposite of the above, keep it simple. Chances are if you're reading this blog, or any blog that posts about interiors, you're a bit design savvy. Most people aren't. People who don't follow design and design blogs and don't watch HGTV like it's going out of style won't know that it's called an english roll armed sofa and has turned legs. They'll call it a sofa with wood legs. Try showing a picture of what you're looking for to a friend who's not into design - whatever they call it is probably what the majority of the population calls it so search that term.

03. Remember synonyms. That is, a different word that means the same thing. I call it a sofa. You might call it a couch. Someone else? A chesterfield (though I ask, who in 2014 really calls it a chesterfield?!?!). Along the same line, if you're looking for a piece from the 60s also do a search for: vintage, mid-centry modern, retro....you get the point.

04. Include specific brand/store names. Doing a search for sofa will likely bring up thousands of results (I just tested it out and got 1211 results). A search for sofa + wood will probably return hundreds (I got 154). A search for: crate and barrel sofa or west elm sofa? Just a handful. Most of the time if the seller knows the brand they'll include it in the listing.

05. Search outside of your city. If you're willing to travel a little bit, to the neighbouring city or suburb perhaps, you open up that much more possibilities. Plus, things are usually priced a bit cheaper outside of major cities. Sweet.

06. Check often. Like, at least daily. Sometimes, when I'm really hunting for something I search twice a day (in the morning and in the early evening). Things pop up quickly and disappear just as fast. You've got to be persistent. (I think you can set up an email alert to notify you when something is posted that matches the keywords you've specified but I've never used that feature.)

07. Be patient. Sometimes it takes a while to find exactly what you're looking for (see number #5). Sometimes it seems as if what you're looking for is never going to be posted but have faith...they don't say patience is a virtue for nothing. And when it finally does pop up be ready to act - fast.

Got any tried-and-true tips to add? Whats the best thing you've found on craigslist (or kijiji)? Let me know in the comments!


I’ve always thought of drinking wine to be an adult activity. You know, something that adults do. Having a glass of wine with dinner, ordering wine when out for a meal...it’s just not something that I’ve ever really done. I’m the girl who drinks juice with dinner and when out at a restaurant orders a Sprite. Seriously, Sprite. Not because I’m opposed to drinking, but because I’ve just never been much of a drinker – even in social settings, it’s rare that I indulge.

However, lately, wanting to fill a touch more sophisticated, I’ve been trying to become a bit of a wine drinker. This means that every few weeks, after a little bit of research, I buy a bottle of wine and have a glass with my dinner. (Side note: wine makes me incredibly sleepy and I usually fall asleep on my sofa immediately after drinking. I’m a total light weight.) Here’s the thing: I have no palette. All white wines taste them same to me as do all reds. I swirl it in the glass, take a light inhale of the aroma, take a small sip and let it sit on my tongue (I’ve read that’s what you’re supposed to do), then swallow...and then repeat the steps in rapid succession 2-3 more times afterwards because I have no palette and am sure I'm missing something. Sweet? Dry? From an oak barrel? From Italy? South Africa? California? Ontario? Doesn’t matter. All tastes the same. Gah!

But alas, I have not given up yet. I’m still experimenting and trying to figure this all out so I wanted to ask you all for some recommendations – what’s your go-to bottle of wine? And what do you normally pair it with? I’m totally open to your suggestions and recommendations!


This weekend, the first weekend of the past 3 that I'm not working, I am determined to give my bathroom the final coat of white paint that it needs. Determined. I've been putting it off for far too long and it's time to just get it done. So that's my weekend DIY goal.

So, let's restart my Currently Coveting series, shall we?

01. I really want to start reading more again and I'm convinced an e-reader, just a straightforward e-reader with no tablet feature, is the answer.
02. My love of brass/gold is well documented on Chronicled and this table lamp is well priced and good looking.
03.  I have the 4s and have been holding out on upgrading until the 6...well it's finally here! Yippee!!!
04. I bought these booties in black suede earlier this year and I LOVE them - now to get them in black and saddle coloured leather.


I don't think I've ever talked about makeup on Chronicled and it's for good reason...I'm not a big makeup person. Wait, that's a lie. Kinda. I buy make-up, when I'm in the mood I feverishly research products, I've been known to watch a youtube tutorial or two every now and then, and I certainly own, what I consider to be, a decent little collection (which is probably very small to most girls!). But, I'm not one of those girls who wear makeup every day or feels "naked" without it. Truth be told, most days I don't wear any makeup at all - and I'm okay with that.

But, for the past few months I've been trying to do something in the makeup department; so I look like me but just a little more polished and sans the super dark under-eye circles which I'm blessed with.

GROOMED BROWS I've always preferred full, thick, brows, with a bit of an arch so I get mine threaded to maintain a natural shape and simply fill it in every so slightly with MAC's Brow Pencil in Spiked. I've tried a few different brow pencils and always return to this one - the consistency is just perfect.

COVER THE DARK CIRCLES Thanks to really dark under eye circles I'm always on the hunt for a good concealer. And thanks to Sheryll I now swear by NARS Creamy Radiant Concealer in Amdande.

LASHES PLEASE One thing I've always been into is mascara. I love thick full lashes and am always on the hunt for a good mascara...and I don't like spending much on it! Right now I'm using MAYBELLINE Volum' Express The Rocket but I'm not particularly loyal to anyone brand and am always open to suggestions.

A BIT OF COLOUR Now that I've nailed my concealer (and foundation...on the rare occasions when I wear foundation) I noticed that when wearing it my skin looks even which is fantastic...but it can also look a bit...flat or one dimensional. Then I discovered blush and adding that little bit of colour onto my face makes all the difference. My everyday shade is MAC's Raizin which is a maroon-y shade that is quite natural looking.

This is essentially my everyday look. That's it. 4 products. It's super simple and looks totally au natural. Truth be told, if you didn't know me you probably wouldn't think I was wearing any makeup at all. And while I sometimes swap out the blush colour, depending on my mood and what I'm wearing, and sometimes add lipstick if I'm in a particularly saucy mood - this is pretty much it.

Simple simple. Just the way I like it.