Three days in.

We're only three days into 2014 but I already have a good feeling about this year.

A personal family situation that occurred suddenly and unexpectedly just before the New Year has already made a drastic turn for the better and for that, I am so grateful. On New Year's Day my niece and I had a date at Ripley's Aquarium and to see her face and expression as she took it all in...priceless. I've finally figured out how to drill into my apartment walls and for the past few days have been hanging things up like it's going outta style. I've even begun properly outfitting the pantry closet with shelves and spacing that makes sense. I feel so organized y'all. I got tired of looking at my horribly dinged up countertops and painted them black and it looks 1000x better. I had a long, long, lunch yesterday with friends that I met in India and it reminds me of how big and small the world is - all at the same time.

And then there's This Is Verity. A few weeks ago my sister picked up a Stendig calendar for me, and I've decided it's going to be TIV's planning calendar. Beginning to put colour coded stickies up on it to plan for the launch is so exciting and reminds me that this is really happening.

Only three days in, how is 2014 looking for you?

My niece taking it all in. She's the most precious thing ever.

Frames, frames, and more frames! I've hung 10 frames in the past few days with at least 3 more to go...

For some reason, Howard wanted to attack the calendar. Such a weird dog ;-)


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