This is my Wanderlist. My "list to inspire wander." I hope to eventually cross all of these things off of my list...

1. Visit Egypt again. 

2. Go on a safari in The Serengeti in Tanzania.

3. Eat seafood from the market in Zanzibar.

4. Stay at Peacock Pavilions in Morocco.

5. Visit Italy. Eat lots of pasta and pizza of course. Roam through the Colosseum.

6. Visit one of the Maritime Provinces...and eat lots of seafood.

7. Go shopping in the markets in Turkey.

8. Visit Santorini, Greece, be awed by all the shades of blue agains the stark white, and take lots of pictures. Seriously just look at this. So beautiful it's unreal.

9. Wander around Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

10. Get a tattoo in another country.

11. Visit (Kyoto) Japan during cherry blossom season. So pretty.

12. Do a little road trip in the US and visit some of the diners, drive-ins, and dives featured on the Food Network show of the same name.

13. Welcome a couch surfer on my couch.....or just meet up for coffee/drinks and a nice chat.

14. Spend the night in a desert. Sleep under the stars.

15. Visit Ireland and eat lots of potatoe based dishes. June 2012

16. Visit Ethiopia. While there ask the locals if they think I look Ethiopian.

17. Visit New Orleans again and this time do it properly. See the architecture, take lots of pics, listen to a live band, and eat the delicious food.

18. Spend New Years Even in Times Square, NYC - count down with strangers from around the world and watch the ball drop.

19. Visit Afghanistan. When it's safe of course.

19b. Do a tour of the Middle East....when it's safe to do so.

20. Take my brother to see a Boston Celtics game...in Boston.

21. Visit Cuba. Maybe try smoking an authentic Cuban cigar.

22. Do an archaeological dig. Preferably in Egypt - but anywhere in Africa or the Middle East would be a thrill.

23. Kiss someone NOT from North America...in a country outside of North America. July 2011

This Wanderlist will be continuously added to and updated so feel free to check back to see how I'm doing!

*phrase "wanderlist" inspired by the blog ...sending postcards.


  1. I love this idea! I'm going to have to start a wanderlist myself... definitely including some of your ideas (italy and ireland for sure), also shopping for antiques on Portobello Road

  2. i love this list! i too really want to go to afghanistan when its safe... people look at me weird when i say that, so i'm glad im not the only one! loving your blog! gem x

  3. Nice Wanderlist...mine is also as long..maybe more...hope you get to see all the places you desire...:)

  4. yes to ireland! love making lists :)

  5. I love this idea! Now I want to make my own.


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